This thrilling 90-minute comedy of horrors draws inspiration from classic cult B-Horror films of the 1950’s, while hilariously skewering the genre with laugh-out-loud gender-bending irreverence. Phil Johnson and Ruff Yeager, comic provocateurs based in San Diego, describe their horrifically hilarious creation with this disclaimer: “There will be carnage! There will be destruction! There will be men in women’s clothing! The Management requests that you PLEASE not reveal the SHOCKING final scene to friends or family members, and guarantee to BURY YOU without charge if you die of FRIGHT.  To avoid fainting, keep telling yourself it’s only a play…”

Betty, a lovely and rather confused homemaker and her unbearably adorable eight-year old daughter, Suzie, are new in town.  It's 1957, and without a man to head up their little household our two heroines need to find a suitable place to live - and quick!  As fate would have it, Betty and her young brood stumble into the dwelling of Fred and Flora Fairchild, who just happen to be landlords to a perfectly appointed apartment. The two newbies quickly set up housekeeping and, with perky promise, all seems to be going their way.  There are, however, two tiny troubles: Mother has no memory of her life before motherhood, and Daughter is definitely not your average child.  Quite unexpectedly, the bewildered duo find themselves at the center of Tarrytown's quirky chaos. One by one, the ladies of the town meet untimely (and rather gruesome) ends while its gentlemen seem to be mysteriously missing.  The strangest turn of events occurs when female out-of-towners appear on Betty's doorstep - without memories or luggage but with definite masculine sensibilities and five o’clock shadows.

Will the mysteries be solved in time to save the planet? Will Betty's secret shame be revealed? Will the disturbing humming hovering in the night sky above the town be explained? Will Suzie's eighth birthday part be the social event of the season or a surprise alien bloodbath? Don’t miss "She-Rantulas from Outer Space - in 3D!"

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